James Rogers ︎ VFX Supervisor & Creative Director
Target The Toycracker
This has to be one of the most insane commercials I have worked on. The full spot was 8 minutes long. It screened once, over two entire commerical break blocks. It was directed by Andreas Nilsson (who knows a lot about the relatively obscure NZ record label, Flying Nun Records). Each toy in the spot had their own rules and regulations about how and when they could be seen. Who they stood next to, and which lines they reacted to... it was a logisitical feat that needed to be delivered in the same time as a regular commercial. The songs were fun, and some wag added the spot to my IMDB profile as a regular film... 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Visual Effects Supervisor & Creative Director

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What I do

A visual effects supervisor is basically a visual problem solver. I try and recruit ideas from a variety of sources—new, old, borrowed or transposed from other disciplines and industries; curiosity drives me. But ultimately, I am an creative image-maker first and foremost.

I closely collaborate with others and keep a holistic view of the process—delivering creatively, on time, on budget. I excel at logistically complicated projects and team building.