James Rogers ︎ VFX Supervisor & Creative Director
A Clean Escape (launch)
Shot in and around Portland, Oregon. This video was created for the launch of the Rivian vehicles, premiering at the Los Angeles Car Show in 2019. This spot is significant in terms of VFX in that we actually replaced or updated the prototype car throughout the spot with a number of design updates and changes. Many of the car shots are full CG replacements, and a testament to the power of “reskinning” or replacing a car exterior with an updated or completely new CG version.

This was based on a workflow/tool I concieved called “CarKit”, which was made specifically to rapidly reduce the time it takes to bring CG cars to the screen with unpralleled detail. 

Below is a 1 minute cut-down of the original 5 minute film. 

Visual Effects Supervisor & Creative Director

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What I do

A visual effects supervisor is basically a visual problem solver. I try and recruit ideas from a variety of sources—new, old, borrowed or transposed from other disciplines and industries; curiosity drives me. But ultimately, I am an creative image-maker first and foremost.

I closely collaborate with others and keep a holistic view of the process—delivering creatively, on time, on budget. I excel at logistically complicated projects and team building.