James Rogers ︎ VFX Supervisor & Creative Director
Launch film
Shot in a Prague winter, this spot is half-educational, half-acid trip. Directed by Vanya & Muggia; it was insane in shoot and in post-production. A lot of LED screens and wire rigs were involved, as well as rendering new backgrounds on-set. Flying by the seat of our pants? Yep! Anything to make it work.

Visual Effects Supervisor & Creative Director

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What I do

A visual effects supervisor is basically a visual problem solver. I try and recruit ideas from a variety of sources—new, old, borrowed or transposed from other disciplines and industries; curiosity drives me. But ultimately, I am an creative image-maker first and foremost.

I closely collaborate with others and keep a holistic view of the process—delivering creatively, on time, on budget. I excel at logistically complicated projects and team building.