James Rogers ︎ VFX Supervisor & Creative Director

The not-so humblebragging corner


2013    Australian Academy of Cinema & Television Awards (AACTA)

Nominated for Best Visual Effects “The Sapphires”

2012    Australian Academy of Cinema & Television Awards (AACTA)

Nominated for Best Visual Effects “The Hunter”

2010    Australian Film Institute Awards (AFI)

Winner for Best Visual Effects “Daybreakers”

2008    Australian Film Institute Awards (AFI)

Nomination for Best Visual Effects “Death Defying Acts”

2006    New York Festivals

Bronze for VFX “Kellogg’s Nutrigrain Level Two” (Commercial)

1998    Emmy Nomination

for Best Visual Effects in Telemovie, “Moby Dick”

1993     Gold Australian Cinematographers Society Award

for Deus Ex Machina; Telefeatures and Short Films, Queensland Film & Video Awards (Cinematographer/Director)

1992     Queensland New Filmmakers Awards, Winner of Most Creative Film

for Pandemanic (Cinematographer/Director)

1992     Highly Commended Australian Cinematographers Society Awards

for Living Life (Short), New Filmmakers Category

2021     Visual Effects Society (USA) Panel VFX in 2021: What Works, Who Works & What's Changing Forever [link]

2017     Method Studios Guardians of the Galaxy VFX - Chair of discussion panel

2015     University of Technology Sydney The changing visual language of VFX-influenced filmmaking

2014    Screen Producers Association of Australia Conference Visual effects for independent feature films

2014    University of Technology Sydney Visual Effects in the deconstruction of the production process

2013    University of Technology Sydney Architecture and Visual Effects language

2013    Sydney University The Role of a Visual Effects Supervisor/Production Approaches

2013    University of Technology Sydney Historical contexts for visual effects in movies (2 lecture series)

2010    Australian Film & Television School Sydney Daybreakers: VFX & Design Presentation

2006    Australian Animation & Effects Festival Sydney  Future of Visual Effects Panel (Chair)

2006     Australian Animation & Effects Festival Sydney Postmodern Sydney – Techniques and Style in Commercial VFX

2003    Australian Animation & Effects Festival Final Flight: Square & the Animatrix

2001     Tokyo SIGGRAPH/Tokyo Computer Show Keynote Presentation “Making Final Fantasy”

2001    Australian Animation & Effects Festival Sydney Pipelines for Digital Production

Visual Effects Supervisor & Creative Director

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What I do

A visual effects supervisor is basically a visual problem solver. I try and recruit ideas from a variety of sources—new, old, borrowed or transposed from other disciplines and industries; curiosity drives me. But ultimately, I am an creative image-maker first and foremost.

I closely collaborate with others and keep a holistic view of the process—delivering creatively, on time, on budget. I excel at logistically complicated projects and team building.