Ballona Bike Path

by jimmy on October 28, 2016, no comments

I not-so-secretly like riding in the rain. There was a rare opportunity this morning in LA

West Los Angeles

by jimmy on October 20, 2016, no comments

Hard to read, but I’m doing 36kph (22mph) on a false flat and he’s doing the same on his electric skateboard

Playa Del Rey Beach

by jimmy on October 16, 2016, no comments

Spent a precious few hours making some special modifications, but didn’t have time to get to a firetrail. Had to make do with this patch of gravel instead

Ballona Creek Bike Path

by jimmy on October 9, 2016, no comments

I’m bringing the lost art of shooting whatever post-ride shit I had for breakfast back to instagram. Here’s my microwaved eggs and tomatoes and mystery meat. You can thank me later. Much later