Corral Canyon

by jimmy on August 27, 2016, no comments

I found I lack the requisite skillz to take pictures when the Garmin claimed a dubious 20


by jimmy on August 25, 2016, no comments

It’s almost as if I’ve got muscles. And a tan

Culver City, California

by jimmy on August 22, 2016, no comments

The start of a deep clean, and immensely satisfying half hour in the afternoon sun. I don’t know why, but it just is

Tuna Canyon Park (Topanga)

by jimmy on August 7, 2016, no comments

Hippy graffiti in the middle of nowhere makes you realize there are actually hippies everywhere… and I like to think they got there by bike

Latigo Canyon Rd.

by jimmy on August 6, 2016, no comments

Perfect temperature, perfect amount of sunshine, perfect traffic. Not a lot to complain about, except