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Hope for humanity is the kid on frame left trying to blow up his bmx tyres with the servo air pump

Centennial Parklands

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A beautiful morning out there today, despite the NSW Police conducting a “bike safety” operation. Gonna be a hot one today, just to remind us that it is still summer (40C

Bobbin Head

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Bags of confidence; @le_masurier and his bloody big camera going up Bobbin

Bobbin Head National Park

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@le_masurier lugging a serious fanny pack of camera kit up Bobbin. He shoots bike shots from the bike

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Roller vision™ – for when you are getting nowhere fast

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The things you find in the attic from your past

Alexandria, Egypt

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Found in my photo archive – Alexandria, Egypt 2011. A relative reprieve from the mayhem of the bubbling revolution in Cairo. We drove through the quiet of the night to avoid trouble; a welcome espresso from the cafe across the road gave me an unwelcome bout of dysentery