Stanwell Tops Lookout

by jimmy on January 31, 2016, no comments

Some mornings were made for doing exactly this. Low traffic roll to Stanwell Tops, after the storms

Lane Cove, New South Wales, Australia

by jimmy on January 27, 2016, no comments

Getting fat – 35mm Jack Brown slicks, but only millimetres of clearance on the forks 😳⚡️🚴. I had to make some extra special modifications myself… Rides like a comfy sofa

Sydney Harbour Bridge

by jimmy on January 25, 2016, no comments

I present to you the two states of @jimmyhaegg – it’s a bit like the inside of the hadron collider

The Chippo Hotel

by jimmy on January 22, 2016, no comments

The rain breaks, the sky clears, the streets are clean, and things just become a lot less shitty

by jimmy on January 21, 2016, no comments

Tripping the light fantastic. Too sore to ride today, but not too broken to not want to. The last few days of commuting in Sydney ahead of me, next stop, Los Angeles

by jimmy on January 21, 2016, no comments

After my oil slick wipeout… and a lull in the rain

by jimmy on January 20, 2016, no comments

Man, what a day